We had the pleasure of welcoming local artist Deirdre Potash to the Nook. Deirdre is behind ArtWill Studio and she does art programs in schools all over the area in addition to her own private classes. She had 20-something kids around that table, ranging in ages from three-years-old to thirteen-years-old, and she pulled off a beautiful and fun project that engaged every single one of them. They worked with plasticine to create medallions. Zahra chose to represent the power of wind on her medallion, and Noah (who normally shies away from art) created a beautiful fire medallion. It was entirely good fortune that just last Monday, I had read Barbara Reid’s The Party to our story time group. Reid’s books are favourites in our house, including The Subway Mouse, Fox Walked Alone, and Perfect Snow. The author makes all her illustrations with plasticine. It was fun for the kids to work with it themselves.

AmandaParticipant at Artwill Studio


Cours merveilleux avec professeur merveilleux! Ma fille adore!!
MelanieParent of an ArtWill Student